When a WCA partner needs support, EP America is the best solution.
As the writer Helen Keller used to say, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is one of the reasons why EP America is part of the WCA, the world’s most powerful group of logistics network.

In today’s story, a freight forwarder from Morocco, specialized in Time Critical Cargo (TCC) as EP America, needed a partner carrier to take care of a cargo from the shipper’s plant, in Del Rio (Texas), until it reached Casablanca’s Airport (CMN), in the North Africa’s country, as fast as possible.

Our journey started on a Thursday late night in Morocco – still Wednesday late night in the United States! Nevertheless, time differences are not an issue to our 24/7 dedicated TCC experts.

Even if it was around 4am, we got the quote request and sent our partner in Africa the best options available for the next morning. Experts in Time Critical as we, the answer was quick, and when the sun was rising in US we were already booking the expedited ground freight unit to start the journey.

Down to the last detail

The logistic process is as complex as a just-in-time supply chain. In today’s story, for instance, our expedited ground freight unit had three hours to get from Del Rio to SAT to meet the airline cut-off for tender!

That’s basically a perfect just-in-time process! And, just as in the best supply chains, our partner in Morocco got notified, in real time, all details about the cargo movement.

Another unusual alternative we found to get the cargo in its destination on time was using two airlines inside US. That was challenging, too. The flight from SAT arrived in MIA at 5pm, and the flight from MIA to CMN left at 10pm!

At the end, the cargo arrived in its destination at 12pm on Saturday, meeting our partner’s client expectation and no automotive supply chains were harmed in the making of this article.

Do you also need great time critical cargo solutions? Contact us now. Finding the best alternatives to ensure your cargo will be where it must, on time, is our biggest expertise.

- Enovathemes