To move aircraft engines between Texas (USA) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), you need a strategic partner in logistics who can ensure constant speed, quality, and world-class customer service.

Logistics is a passion – and the marvelous universe of airplanes, too.

In today’s success story, we’ll show you how a crush for aircraft engines resulted in a solid partnership to move such a robust and fragile piece of machinery every time there is an Aircraft on Ground (AOG).

Success story: aircraft engine movement

Our client from today’s story contacted our team in Brazil for a movement from Carrollton, TX.

Since it is only 20 minutes away from our closest local office, one of our talented specialists contacted the shipper and drove to their warehouse to see the work being done and engine being loaded to flatbed.

When the movements are constant and critical

With more than 25,000 airplanes in service worldwide, there’s always an AOG somewhere, and Maintenance, Recovery and Overhaul (MRO) companies must have a strategic logistics partner they can rely on for a continuous flow of aircraft engines from the repair site to wherever they need to be, on time.

That partner is EP America.

Our client in today’s story needed a logistics partner in constant communications to coordinate the recovery of this aircraft engine the same day it was released from the MRO team and getting a booking confirmation and rates within minutes.

Image of the Pratt & Whitner aircraft engine correctly packed in a specific blue tarp and place over the structure to be correctly placed over the air ride flatbed unit.

And this is how we did it!

Moving a multi-million dollars aircraft engine requires specialized pickup procedures, using special Ground Freight air ride flatbed units with specific tarps as per SOP.

Image of a map that shows the aircraft engine route, from Carrollton to Miami Airport in a Ground Freight Unit and from Miami Airport to Viracopos Airport (in Sao Paulo, Brazil) in a direct flight.

Regular movements will be held on a weekly basis – or whenever there’s an AOG waiting for its aircraft engine. Leaving Carrollton completely safe and with all the flight requirements, the engines will be transported to Miami International Airport (MIA), where it will be shipped to Viracopos International Airport (VCP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Why should you partner with EP America

to move an aircraft engine?

This is what you can rely on when you team up with our Aerospace logistics specialists:

  • Fast response
  • Excellent customer service
  • 24/7-365 service.
  • Professionals familiarized with aircraft engine movements and the world-class coordination they require.
  • Quotes in 29 minutes or less with tentative flight departure dates.
  • Same day booking confirmation.
  • Negotiation power with the best airlines.
  • Solid processes, KPIs, PODs and everything else you require.
  • Personal in loco follow-up of each engine load, with pictures and videos.
  • Quality assessment and feedback.

A passion for Aerospace logistics.

There are four fun facts about the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine from today’s success story over a blue table: 1. Its dimensions are 160 per 90 per 95 inches. 2. Its weight is 9,700 lb. 3. Turbines can only be transported by ground freight over vehicles with air suspension. 4. The exporter must present the airline a “proof of emptying” which is a document that verifies that the engine does nor carry any fuel at the time of the shipment. Without such document, the engine cannot be shipped.

To solve quickly an AOG situation or whenever you need fast, precise, safe, and effective emergency logistic services, contact us!