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Don’t let inexperienced people handle your time sensitive shipments

Meet Expedited America, a team assembled to get the job done. With problem solving
approach, flexibility and experience, you can rest assured we will get your cargo where it
needs to be, at the time you need it, 24/7-365.

Time Critical Cargo
Time Critical Cargo

A premium solution for emergency deliveries. The trouble-free method to attend to your cargo’s most specific needs, considering all risks involved and acting to avoid incidentals. From domestic to global services, we work to meet your cargo needs.


high-class service

  • Go Now Service!
  • Wide and Narrow Units
  • Part Charter
  • Door to Door
  • Door to Airport
  • Access to over 20,000 aircraft all over the globe

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Time Critical Cargo

From transporting manufacturing parts, prototypes, time-sensitive samples or confidential documents to keeping whole supply chains running, we are your best choice to complete the job quickly, safely and on time.

Real-time tracking

  • 200+ Couriers available 24/7
  • Door-to-door/Door-to-airport
  • Main HUBS: Mexico, U.S., Brazil and Germany
  • Faster bookings thanks to our dedicated team

Ask for service availability in your area

Time Critical Cargo

Get your urgent cargo to/from anywhere in the world, with access to the best flights, local assistance and priority rates thanks to our key partnership with premium freight networks.

Priority load on first aircraft available

  • Priority pick up and last mile
  • Direct flights for same-day delivery
  • Direct flights to/from U.S., LATAM & Europe
  • Door-to-door visibility of your cargo
Time Critical Cargo

Regardless of size and weight, we can quickly and reliably manage your first or last mile deliveries. Our team of drivers is always available to deliver your cargo anytime, anywhere and as fast as possible.

U.S. - Canada - Mexico

Daily Border Crossing

  • Dedicated units with GPS tracking
  • Single or team drivers
  • Pick-up and delivery on demand
  • 8,000+ units in our virtual fleet
  • We work with cargo vans, sprinter vans, straight trucks, and full & flatbed trucks.

Our 24/7 emergency desks can assist you around the clock to take charge of the most demanding problems in each industry.



Inbound parts, finished
products, prototypes, samples,
machinery and tooling



MRO parts, aircraft assembly,
manufacturing, OEMs, Tier 1, 2,
and 3, supply, engines and



Healthcare sector,
pharmaceutical, biotech,
medical devices, manufacturer
and temperature sensitive



Semiconductor, components,
electronics, robotic technology,
communications and IT and
vehicular communication


Machinery and components

Pumps, compressors, valves,
gears and bearings, machinery,
tooling and machine tool

24/7-365 immediate answer

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Time Critical Cargo


Time Critical Cargo

1-855-EPA FAST (372 3278)

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