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Priority deliveries
handled with care

Our focus is to provide on time deliveries of medical instruments
and supplies supporting the healthcare sector to save lives.

Priority service

Time is our ally. We offer
flexible capabilities, capacity
and scheduling to deliver
on time and without

Intermodal solutions

Our always reliable air, ocean
and ground solutions, with the
time critical cargo option.

Global solutions network

With over 70 best-in-class
offices and qualified dedicated
teams, we offer the best
solutions from/to anywhere in
the world.


Defined by our experience

Our commitment goes beyond logistics. Our presence in the healthcare
industry ensures timely and secure transportation for every delivery of medical
items to the critical point of final delivery.


Medical supplies

With a variety of resources, we offer tailor-made solutions from warehousing to transport to ensure the delivery of valuable supplies.

Medical devices

Following strict medical regulations we provide transportation for medical and imaging equipment.


Our teams assure that the quality of the products is never compromised and always delivered on time.



Global door-to-door solutions for the healthcare industry

Biotech products
Medical devices


Why should you choose EP America’s healthcare?

Our experience defines us:

  • Dedicated teams 24/7
  • Experts on medical regulations and handling
  • Special units for pharmaceutical products and medical equipment
  • Available warehousing on different locations*
  • Intermodal solutions and TCC options

*Check availability

Global capacity

Precise & efficient. Europartners Group has the solution for your logistics needs. We serve the hi-tech industry in all major commercial and strategic routes, both inbound and outbound. Time is our best ally – from your production lines or inventory hubs to anywhere in the world, we are here to meet your needs.


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News and logistics never stop moving. Stay informed.

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Frequently Asked

What are the healthcare industry subsectors specially served by EP America?

We provide solutions for the main suppliers related to manufacturing medical devices and consumables, with main –but not exclusive– focus to syringes, masks, gowns, air purifiers, ventilators, air conditioners, medical instruments, hospital devices (beds, stretchers and more). In other hand, we offer specialized logistics solutions for the pharma subsector (medication, vaccines, etc.) operating cold chains.

Does EP America operate with data loggers and temperature control?

Yes, we have experience with device management and temperature monitoring to offer a better visibility of all shipping movements, not only in projects for the healthcare industry, but also with perishables.

What are EP America main routes for shipping healthcare goods?

We can support your logistics operations from/to anywhere in the world, but are experts, in air freight, in EMEA routes (Germany*, France, China, South Korea, Taiwan). In ocean freight, we offer LCL and FCL services from and to Asia (China’s base ports, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand and India) and Europe (Germany*, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and Italy).

*We have five own offices in Germany.
We ship OTR cargo all over North America and Central America.

Can you provide time critical solutions for the healthcare industry?

Yes. Whenever you need to expedite any material or product, with highly demanding delivery times, we have a team of front desk time critical experts available to respond to your requests 24/7, 365 days a year, fast and with the necessary care in all stages of each project.

Does EP America offer supplementary cargo insurance service?

Yes. We work in alliance with the main cargo insurers worldwide to offer insurance services, if you require them.

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