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Reaching great heights

Ok, you need your cargo there, fast. Let us know how much
merchandise your need to move, and we’ll provide you the best alternatives.


Reasonably priced, safe and
reliable services from and
to any airport in the globe.


Consolidate your cargo
with others and get it
where it needs to be
while saving you money.
Don’t worry about volume
or anything else!


If quick turnarounds
are an issue for other FFWs,
let us show you that
we can get the job done.
Direct or expedited flights
and zero delays.

How can EP Air save your day?

We keep it simple, we move it fast

> Individualized, dedicated and specialized attention.
> Immediate online quotes.
> Purchase power and high-level relationship with the main airlines.
> Multiple route and transit time options.
> Mitigation and control of any risks.
> Own-offices on main airports.

EP Air

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Let’s make a great plan together and boost your profits.

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