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Undisputed leadership

From North America to Central America and maybe beyond,
we can find the best way to move your ground freight across the right roads.


A whole truck just for your
ground freight, exactly when you
need it.


There’s always room for
more. Your ground freight
gets consolidated
and arrives on time


Reliable 48 FT regular
platforms, from direct ground freight to
intermodal services.


If you have special-
dimensioned merchandise,
we have the team
that can design how
to drive it anywhere.

How can EP Ground Freight save your day?

We keep it simple, we move it fast

> Fast, efficient solutions for your ground freight needs.
> Special rates according to transported volumes.
> Online quote + technology to enhance your operations control.
> Alliances with 600+ strategic partners and 200 U.S. consol cargo terminals
> SOP development per project.

EP Ground Freight

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Let’s make a great ground freight plan together and boost your profits.

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