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Innovative logistics
to move hi-tech products

Logistics solutions designed to achieve the fastest
and most efficient results within your supply chain


Our experts will be on your
side to learn from your
most specific and timely
necessities to build
strategically developed
personalized plans.

Intermodal solutions

To move from a micropart
to tons of goods, you can
rely on our air, ocean and
ground offerings, always
with a time critical cargo


Global networks
comprising with the best
partners in all modalities
and insurance companies
work tirelessly to ensure
the integrity of all products.


Defined by our experience

We have been at the forefront of global solutions for needs of the Hi-Tech
and electronics sector for over a decade


Data & servers
Hi Tech

We developed logistics techniques for the efficient transportation of valuable hi-tech equipment and parts, for the assembly of important networks.

High-value cargo
Hi Tech

We deliver flexible solutions in different size and weight classes for specialized cargo and valuable equipment.

Product life cycles
Hi Tech

We optimize the supply chain that delivers hardware and other equipment from production to the final customer during peak and high demand times.



Global door-to-door solutions
for the high-tech industry.

Hi Tech
Hi Tech
Raw materials
Hi Tech
Finished products
Hi Tech
Machinery & tooling
Hi Tech
Production lines
Hi Tech


Why should you choose
EP America’s hi-tech?

Our experience defines us:

  • Secure and flexible solutions
  • All transport modes
  • All shipment sizes
  • 24/7 track & trace visibility and monitoring
  • One-stop-shop for logistics solutions
  • Streamlined communication
  • A single point of contact (KAM)
  • Dedicated teams with industry experience and compliance knowledge
  • Experts in just-in-time and just-in-sequence processes

Global capacity

Precise & efficient. Europartners Group has the solution for your logistics needs. We serve the hi-tech industry in all major commercial and strategic routes, both inbound and outbound. Time is our best ally – from your production lines or inventory hubs to anywhere in the world, we are here to meet your needs.


Global News

News and logistics never stop moving. Stay informed.

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Frequently Asked

What are the hi-tech and electronics subsectors specially served by EP America?

We provide solutions for Tier 1 and 3 suppliers, besides having the capabilities to serve directly several OEMs, with services dedicated to innovation companies, to companies that elaborate exclusive products and to the ones dedicated to mass production of consumer electronics, semiconductors and household appliances. We also design project cargo solutions for the telecommunications sector.

Can you provide time critical solutions for the hi-tech industry?

Yes. Whenever you need to expedite any material or product with highly demanding delivery times, we have a team of front desk time critical experts available to respond to your requests 24/7, 365 days a year, fast and with the necessary care in all stages of each project.

How does EP America obtain the means to transport hi-tech & electronics cargo?

All our services are coordinated with our strategic commercial partners, selected among the best, with the expertise and the infrastructure to satisfy our hi-tech & electronics industry client’s specifications in face of any urgency or special request, providing the widest coverage and the fastest answers.

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