We are thrilled to announce that we have officially become a member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA). 

“We take great pride in joining this Association, as we know it will provide us with a valuable network of industry experts and peers”, states Alejandra Saucedo, EP-America’s Canada Capabilities Leader. Our CIFFA certification sets the stage for enhanced collaboration, expanded global reach, and optimized logistics solutions.


“Being a member of this association provides certainty to our prospects and customers because it means a guarantee that we are insured, trained and aligned with the code of ethics of the FFW industry”, states Alejandra Saucedo.

We have joined forces with CIFFA to gain access to a vast network of partner freight forwarders, industry experts, and supply chain professionals. This invaluable community enables us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, exchange best practices, and harness cutting-edge logistics strategies. Consequently, our clients will benefit from more knowledge and expertise, ensuring optimal logistics solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The partnership between us and CIFFA opens a world of possibilities for clients seeking international trade connections. With our global presence and CIFFA’s influential position within the Canadian logistics market, clients can now access an extensive network of partners, suppliers, and customers worldwide.

This CIFFA certification facilitates smoother trade operations, fosters business growth, and creates new market opportunities for our clients.

Moreover, our CIFFA certification amplifies the emphasis on technological innovation and digital transformation within the logistics sector. Our clients will also benefit from:

  • Enhanced supply chain visibility,
  • Improved efficiency, and
  • Streamlined processes as the company collaborates with CIFFA to adopt and implement cutting-edge technologies.

From real-time tracking and data analytics to automated systems and digital documentation, clients can expect optimized logistics solutions and enhanced service quality.

Why should Canadian companies partner with EP America

Nasy Panahi, director of Business Development, CIFFA, and our Canada Capabilities Leader, Alejandra Saucedo at the CIFFA Office
Nasy Panahi, director of Business Development, CIFFA, and our Canada Capabilities Leader, Alejandra Saucedo at the CIFFA Office

This collaboration will not only enhance logistics solutions and promote innovation but also bolster Canada’s position as a global logistics hub. As we integrate into CIFFA, we can expect exciting developments, transformative initiatives, and an even brighter future for the Canadian logistics industry.

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