When an Embraer E190 aircraft turbine engine needed to me transported from Brazil and Brussels, our Aerospace logistics team got immediately to action.

Viracopos International Airport (VCP), in Campinas (São Paulo state), is the sixth busiest in Brazil. In 2019, it reported a record number of passengers –more than 10.5 million throughout the year– and moved more than 220 thousand tons of cargo.

Today story happened in Viracopos on a Friday. A problem with an Embraer E190 aircraft turbine generated an Aircraft on ground (AOG) situation, which can result in daily losses to airlines from USD20,000 to USD150,000.

Aircraft on ground?

We keep it simple, we move it fast

In this situation, all the teams involved must work even faster and more precise than usual. The airline’s team quickly requested our time critical cargo team in Brazil to go for a GE CF34-10E7 engine that was under repair in Belgium. They had already solved a similar situation, moving very efficiently a PW127M turbine between Canada and Brazil.

Sharp as a tack, our team organized the departure of the turbine from Brussels-National/Zaventem Airport (BRU) exactly on the same Monday the repair was completed to solve the aircraft on ground situation fast. The motor arrived perfectly on Wednesday morning at Viracopos Airport, after a brief and safe stopover at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (AMS).

Aircraft on ground - the image shows the turbine engine correctly packed and placed inside de cargo airplane

At Europartners, we have the best critical cargo teams in more than 70 offices around the world, including our group brands such as Expedited America Brazil to solve any aircraft on ground situation with the speed and accuracy necessary for a movement like this.

About the engine:

Table with fun facts: Model: CF34-10E7, Market value: US$7.3 millions. Dimensions: 2.3m x 2.33m x 2m, Weight: 2930kg, • Turbines can only be transported by ground freight using vehicles with air suspension. • The exporter must present the airline a "proof of emptying" - a document that verifies that the engine does not carry any fuel at the time of the shipment. Without such document, the engine cannot be shipped.

To solve quickly an AOG situation or whenever you need fast, precise, safe and effective emergency logistic services, contact us!


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