When economy started to reactivate, companies began to face a new challenge: rates from China were up to 325% higher. But we could get the best pricing and last mile services!

The automotive industry had to diversify its business in order to keep at least part of its supply chain running and avoid layoffs. In June, when companies started to take action and resume most of its production, they had to face a new challenge: international air transportation rates were up to 325% higher than in January.

Our client’s in today’s story manufactures brackets for several types of air conditioning systems (homes, cars, refrigerators, etc.). To get their production chain moving, they needed to move supplies from Jiangsu (China) to Adrian (Michigan, US).

The cargo should leave China on a Friday and arrive at our client’s plant first thing in the morning on Tuesday.

Experts on the last mile

In EP America, we have experienced professionals ready to take over all procedures from the airport to your company’s door, using world-class last mile services. With a great network of reliable carriers, we have +18,000 units available in our virtual fleet.

We’ll assign you an executive who’ll take care of all the details we need in your projects, from the design of the best solution, to the end-to-end monitoring of your cargo. Forget about crowded email inboxes. We make it simple; we move it fast.

Best partners for the first mile

In this route, we also needed a trustworthy partner for the first mile, in China. In those events, to go the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) directory, where we can find the best freight forwarders in the 191 countries.

In a matter of hours, our Time Critical Cargo team could find a carrier that could recover the cargo at the shipper on Friday on an excellent rate. The cargo left Jiangsu, in the east of China, for a 200 miles drive to Shanghai’s airport (PVG).

From China to USA

On Friday night, the cargo arrived safely at the airline warehouse, to be flown to Chicago’s airport (ORD) on Saturday.

Following the consignee’s instructions about waiting for his customs broker to take care of all customs clearance procedures (under the DAP Incoterm®), our last mile team took over ASAP on Monday, organizing everything perfectly so the cargo would arrive to Adrian (Michigan) at 8am on Tuesday.

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