Learn how EP America got an international luxury textile & interior design company’s brokerage covered to add efficiency to their supply chain!

Global companies that need to move cargo frequently usually deal with one weak link in their logistics chain: customs clearance delays.

For over three quarters of a century, a distinguished New York based company with an international presence has been a coveted source for the finest quality trimmings such as tassels, borders, braids, gimp, fringes and more.

To provide that kind of luxury materials, they need to import supplies from multiple points in Europe and Asia to the United States, and move inputs and products between Europe and Canada, too.

The extra mile

In EP America, we work to be more than a freight forwarder. We aim to be our clients’ best strategic partners in logistics, designing a high-quality customers’ experience and comprehensive services.

After a few months coordinating their routes with exactitude, we were proudly invited to help them with customs clearance for the air and ocean imports from Europe and Asia.

We started taking care of multiple shipments, that arrived on time, since we had in hand all the required documents to get the cargo at their door. Before, just the customs clearance could takedays.

In my opinion, these are the main benefits of having your strategic logistics partner taking care of your customs clearance:
  1. Getting rid of complex administrative duties

I think not even bureaucrats like bureaucracy. In other hand, all kinds of bureaucracies can curb your supply chain’s smooth flow. When you have a trustworthy logistics partner, you can leave them that duty with the peace of mind that it will be solved.

  1. One-stop shop for your cargo

When your strategic logistics partner is empowered to take care of your customs clearance too, it can design your whole logistics plan considering the least congested routes, the ones with advantages related to entry and duty/tax, free-trade agreements and even local services that can drive the cargo to “more friendly” (A.K.A. time saving) customs clearance areas.

  1. Explore cost-savvy options

Besides saving you money finding the best routes and friendly areas, a strategic logistics partner can also ensure that your products’ classification shall be accurately priced according to local tax standards, paying the lowest duties possible – and never a fee.

Why should you choose EP America

as your best strategic partner in logistics

Working with my team in EP America, you will get at hand real time 24/7-365 communication channels open to access a dedicated team of trained and certified logistics experts.

With over 20 years of end-to-end forwarding experience, we specialize in air freight time-sensitive solutions and time-critical cargo services. Nevertheless, you can always rely on multimodal plans with our highly skilled logistic experts and agents’ networks around the globe.

Contact us now to let us know your specific logistics needs and design you short- and long-term plans!

Picture of Paola Valdez, EP America logistics specialist and the author of this article