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Disruptions happen

With new technologies rising each day, you can be the next to see your supply
chain collapse. That’s why you need a team of experts in logistics by your side,
sending and delivering fast and precisely, always ready for an emergency.

Just in Time

How to eliminate all the
bumps on the way
between your suppliers’
production line and your
supply chain? A logistics
plan with EP America.

Inbound / Outbound

Over 70 offices all over the
world can give you the
local support you need to
assure your domestic
shipping, import or export
movements will get where
you want exactly when you
need it.

Lean manufacturing

Let’s talk about everything
you think you can be
spending recklessly in your
logistic services and do
something about it!

Seamless delivery in a timely manner

We understand the specific difficulties on each level
of the automotive logistics supply chain

Our team of experts can provide that tailor-made solution you’ve
been looking for according to volume quality standards and the
schedules your customers demand.

Automotive logistics solutions for all Tiers in the industry’s supply chain.
Time matters. A bit much. That’s why we have door-to-door solutions, same day, next day or flexible cost saving alternatives for you to meet agreed times. You work to assembly and delivery parts to the final model in production, while we take care of your logistics.

EP Automotive

Inbound Parts

EP Automotive

Finished Goods

EP Automotive

Prototipes and samples

EP Automotive

Machinery and tooling

EP Automotive


EP Automotive


EP Automotive


EP Automotive

Finished vehicles

Comprehensive solutions for the automotive industry

Let’s build a personal and technological collaboration

to improve your logistics visibility and control.

Global News

News and logistics never stop moving. Keep informed.

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