Time Critical Cargo is a Superior Transportation


Need an even faster solution or immediate response for live transportation?

EP America experts can review all the speed options we have. You do not need to look around, we have all the possible services you need for superior freight!
Automotive freight, shipping electronics, perishables and any other piece of time critical cargo that needs the fastest transportation solution available in the planet. We are the ones who can help you in all you air transport necessities it doesn’t matter if you need air express transportation from Canada to Mexico, or Los Angeles to Spain, EP America can help you.

Air Charters: EP America provides worldwide express air freight solutions 24/7/365 days a year utilizing every type of commercial aircraft available to fly the skies. If you want first class shipping by air to any Country, we can help you. We are the #1 solution - based international air transportation company. With EP America we can help you with almost any types of transportation. To find out more about our freight services, please click here.

Scheduled Air Charters: Guaranteed capacity for today’s leading industries. No more commercial airfreight capacity limitations.

Oversize Air Charters: Most reliable alternative for overweight and / or over dim freight. From a DC-9 to an AN-124.

Passenger Air Charters: Need air transport for a top notch crew to a jobsite, and commercial airlines are not meeting your CEO’s demands? EP will provide the right kind of aircraft for the most valuables commodity in your company, your people.

Hot Shots: Expedited or Hotshot service it’s a one call solution for your ground time sensitive needs to help you accomplish your urgent delivery promises.

Personal Delivery Service: Sensitive time caritical cargo is carried and delivered personally by our well trained courier specialists available 24/7 worldwide.

time critical cargo time critical cargo Time Critical Cargo EP America International Air Freight Forwarding Shipping to Mexico v001

time critical cargo time critical cargo Time Critical Cargo EP America Expedite Freight Forwarding Shipping in Laredo to Mexico v002

On Board Courier / Hand Carry Solutions: EP America´s On-board Courier (OBC), or, Hand Carry (HC) is a highly specialized transport solution for time sensitive shipment and time critical cargo provided to the most demanding customers. It is a very flexible airfreight service that secures personalized swift delivery of critical cargo, spare parts, samples or priority documents. Our Courier would meet the shipper at specific location, receive the cargo with its original package, escort the cargo through the whole trip, arrive at destination and personally deliver the cargo to the consignee. Cargo can be checked in as carry on or personal baggage depending on cargo dimensions and weight. Ideal for hand carry luggage or carry-on luggage. If your package has a hand carry size, we are your ideal personal delivery service.

Next Day Delivery by Air: USA, Canada and Mexico

• Ideal solution for early morning arrival.
• Guaranteed service provides assurance of on-time delivery by 12:00 noon.
• Minimum size and weight restrictions provide versatile solutions for time critical cargo.

Same Day Delivery by Air: US, Canada and Mexico

• Parcel alternative for small freight.
• First flight out options from mayor airports.
• Consult your EP specialist for size and weight restrictions.

With just one call you get:

• More than thousand carrier options to delivery on time (aircraft carrier,cargo carrier, etc).
• A 24 / 7 Team committed to provide the best time sensitive alternative.
• Versatility on our service to rescue loads were sent on regular services.
• The accurate technology to track and trace your shipment.
• Customized service.

Reasons to give us that call:

• Quote in less than 29 minutes in our core business.
• Pick up in less than 3 hrs* for time critical cargo.
• Free consultation.
• Satisfaction guarantee.
• Versatility on our services to fit you better.