7 Facts why Laredo TX is NAFTA´s Main Trade Point

Have you ever thought of the importance of borders between countries? Not only do they mark territorial limits, but are also a spot of high relevance in commercial trade, like Laredo, Texas.

Nuevo Laredo in Mexico and Laredo Texas in the US is one of the world’s most active borders. Here are 7 facts that will help you understand the importance of this border better:


1. Laredo occupies the 1st place in commercial trade between The USA and Mexico with 51.1% of its total commerce.

2. During 2015, Laredo raised $262.08 billion in commercial trade with the world, of which 96.2 % was with Mexico.

3. Goods such as automotive parts, vehicles, electronics and petroleum are shipped through Laredo and travel to more than 60 countries!

4. Around 11,000 crossings to Mexico are done DAILY Mon – Fri from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, and even the weekend until 2 pm. That’s over, 2.5 million crossings a year!

5. Laredo allows you to connect basically anywhere in the world and is known as the “Customs Capital of Latin America” due to its geostrategic location in a bi-oceanic country.

6. Worried about language barriers? It is estimated that 85% of the population in Laredo Texas is bilingual.

7. Laredo’s territory has belonged to 7 different nations throughout history due to its attractiveness as a commercial trade point.

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Laredo Texas

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