Colombian Compliance

Colombian Compliance Changes

The most recent changes set in effect by the DIAN regarding international trade with companies from Colombia.

  • DIAN, Concept 35341, December 24, 2018: According to the FTA, between Mexico and Colombia, the person responsible for customs duties should be the importer and never the exporter or supplier abroad.
  • DIAN, Concept 2089, January 1, 2019: Exports of nationalized smart phones requires to be made under the temporary export for passive processing modality.
  • DIAN, Resolution 14; D.O. 50.873, February 19, 2019: The DIAN updated the retail prices for the commercialization of goods and services in 2019.
  • DIAN, Concept 2202, January 29, 2019: In order to verify transit and transshipment under the FTA between Colombia and Canada, the importer may present a copy of the customs control document in the non-party country.
  • MinCIT, Resolution 220; D.O. 50.873, February 11, 2019: MinCIT issued the Technical Regulation applicable to ceramic tile labels.
  • ANSV, Resolution 39, February 1, 2019: Importers of vehicles have until August 17, 2019 to comply with at least minimum-security content.
  • Minsalud – Minagricultura, Joint Resolution 005897; D.O. 50.868, December 28, 2018. MinAgricultura and MinSalud determined the permanence of the Technical Regulation that regulates the Maximum Residue Limits of Pesticides (MRLs) in food for human consumption and in fodder.

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