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Border crossing to Mexico Steps Made Simple

Trade across borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico has been done even before the North America Free Trade Agreement existed. Nowadays, NAFTA enables the border crossing process be faster and simpler.


The border crossing process breaks down into the following 7 steps:

  1. The US carrier picks up the load at the US shipper’s facilities.
  2. The US carrier arrives at the border and drops off the at the US Customs Agent’s yard.
  3. The US agent inspects and validates the load description and details and dispatches it for clearance.
  4. The Mexican agent does the import clearance and coordinates the border crossing.
    ** Make sure the payment of taxes, fees, and duties were made in advance to the customs broker in order to perform clearance and border crossing
  5. The Mexican customs may inspect the load and then release it. Selection of loads for inspection is done randomly based on a stop light system.
  6. The Mexican carrier receives the load from transfer and dispatches the truck to final destination.
    **Not applicable in direct shipments.
  7. The Mexican carrier delivers at final destination in Mexico.

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