5 tips to reduce freight forwarding expenses

When working with your forwarder, price is always important to you. Especially if your business has regular international shipments.
But just because everyone is used to the standard freight shipping ways and expenses, it doesn’t mean that is the only way. Luckily for you, there are many ways to reduce freight forwarding expenses:

1) Compare all modes of transportation
The first way to reduce freight forwarding expenses is to evaluate and reconsider your mode of transportation. Most noteworthy, sea freight transportation is usually a less expensive option than air freight, especially for international shipping.
On the other hand, the best way to ship freight locally may be by rail or road. Hence, choose your mode of transportation according to the products you are shipping and their travel distance. Ask our team, which is the best way to make your shipments.
Consider alternate ways of shipping or even a hybrid of multiple modes, if necessary. Get your shipping quote in less than 30 minutes.

2) Ship during off-peak periods
Keep in mind that shipping a day later or earlier can make a difference and reduce freight forwarding expenses.
For example, Friday is typically an off-peak day for shipping road freight. This is because most customers are trying to get their products delivered by Thursday, so it can be on shelves Friday and ready for sale during the weekend.
Interestingly, Mondays can also be slow days, resulting in carriers looking for road freight. Certainly, this could be a great option but it depends on the type of cargo, for example, canned goods have more flexibility than fresh goods.
Shipping on off-peak days could be an ideal option for the shippers of non-consumer type products.

3) Become a regular and enjoy the benefits
Take your time to build a relation with your executive, understanding your needs will make sure you receive the best options and rates. Once your carrier can make sure that they have and will continue to have a steady business with you, they are more likely to offer better conditions.
A good relationship and communication with your shipping company can improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce freight forwarding expenses.

4) Ship more products, less often
If you can manage to do so, try shipping more goods less often. Because it is less expensive to ship ten pallets at once than to send two pallets every two days. Retailers tend to ship smaller cargoes more often, which only increases their costs. Obviously, some goods need to be shipped more often, but if that is not your case, try this method to reduce shipping freight expenses.

5) Be aware of additional charges
Maybe you did not know, but carriers often perform other services than just delivering. They may have to load or unload the cargo, wrap some pallets, or make additional stops.
Ask your executive about the charges that apply to your shipments.