Warehouse Services

EP America warehousing solutions are designed to accomplish all your possible needs in order to improve your Supply Chain efficiency despite the border boundaries.

• Cross Docking
• Distribution
• Cargo consolidation
• Local Trucking
• Coopers & Packers
• Crane Service
• Export Packing
• Pick and Pack
• Storage
• Labeling
• Quality inspections
• Warehouse Management


Why Us?

• Affordable pricing & outstanding service 7 days per week, 24 hrs a day!
• Product Insurance
• Professional Warehouse Logistics staffing to help grow your business

EP America is a company with multiple departments. It has all the logistics services in itself to avoid mismanagement, loss of property, damage to goods, and most importantly losing the trust of the customer.

EP America is in warehousing services are intended in maintaining the proper flow of goods and services. It has been working for 24/7 under the appropriate supervision of the qualified personnel and following all the rules of the State concerned and without comprising to any unethical thoughts for increasing profit.

EP America assures all the services to be handled with perfection and by the qualified employees. As EP America has all the shipment services in their hand, they know perfectly where the goods are and when it is loaded, then how to be shipped, and when it is delivered; all are tracked and traced minutely. There are different rates for different goods and for more care and caution need to be taken while handling it.