Border Logistics Services

Are you thinking in improving your Supply Chain efficiency?
We are experts in domestic and international logistics.

Customs Clearance

EP America is able to provide an integrated service package to support your import and export operations thru any US Border.

• US Customs Clearance
• MX Customs Clearance
• Trading Company

When to use?

• When an end to end solution is needed.
• When you need to speed up the customs clearance process.
• When you do not have the Import or Export registration License and still need to introduce the merchandise into USA or Mexico.

As the experts in domestic and international logistics, EP America executives are aware of the multiple risks and rules that our customers have to comply with. They will review your process to provide you with the most accurate solution.

We can help you in your customs clearance process, it doesn’t matter if your cargo is from UK, Australia or India.


International Trade Consulting:

Since Foreign Trade Agreements and Mexican and American Customs regulations are becoming a very important part of the International Trade, Compliance plays now a key part of the logistics process. Conscious of this, EP America has a special team with the expertise and knowledge to support their customers to advise, help them to understand and apply correctly all these regulations in order to avoid possible risks and delays in the clearance process.

• HTS classification
• Non-Tariff regulations
• NAFTA rules and Certificates of Origin
• IMMEX program
• Annex 24

Risk Management

We can help you to evaluate your supply chain streamline to identify your main risks
and/or opportunity areas in order to provide you a customized solution to reduce costs
or improve your general operation.


Border Solutions

The Laredo border area is the main international trade port between Mexico and USA. Close to the 60% of total merchandise exported to Mexico crosses through this trade point. EP America is conscious of our costumers needs in a very competitive market, and now an increasingly complex market. EP America is committed to facilitate your operations and be THE FASTEST solution at the border.


Through an experienced and reliable team of customs brokers and world class warehousing, EP America is able to provide value added solutions to reduce your import and export time, improving the efficiency of your Supply Chain.

• US Customs Clearance
• MX Customs Clearance
• Trading Company
• Cross Docking
• Distribution
• Cargo Consolidation
• Storage
• Labeling
• Quality inspections